2019 Wrap up and review

With the close of 2019 fast approaching, having DMIX still providing support to their clients while they take some time out, here are some of the key highlights …
Services and projects:
New business partners and service providers have added huge value and allowed DMIX to scale and achieve greater things.
Provided Sales and Budgeting analytics into Executive levels of a publicly listed company.
Architected and developed a Data Migration strategy and tool including a Data Cleanse methodology which enabled migration of Sage, Navision and come proprietary Billing systems onto Salesforce and Microsoft AX 2012 R3 during a 8 month mammoth project.
Bridged the gap between users and disparate source system, via Microsoft Tabular Models.
Implemented .netcore 3, model first driven, Identity Server4 authenticated, web APIs.
Implemented a first, SQL 2019 GEO spatial backend database with query spatial query capabilities.
Grappled with Reactjs web application front-ends and figure out eventually where Redux fits in.
Our EasySMS system peaked with over 1 million messages sent in a month.
To all those who gave DMIX a chance, you have not been disappointed, and we will continue to provide value and drive efficiencies for you.
For those still deciding to give DMIX a chance, its no longer a matter of if but rather when we can provide availability.
Thanks for all the support!

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