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    2021 a difficult year to forget

    Many of us dealt with tragedy and sadness which helped put perspective back into why we do what we do. Evaluate what is most important and focus on that. However, for many of us it was just survival mode but somehow, we came through the year of stress. On a positive note, we received the acceptance from all our clients that remote work is sustainable and efficient. This has enabled DMIX to reduce time spent in traffic and driving between clients to pouring energies into solutions. In addition, remote working allowed us to open a solution presence in Port Elizabeth South Africa. Working remotely does not come without challenges. A…

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    2020 Wrap up and review

    What a year 2020 has been. At DMIX we remain grateful for the ongoing support of our clients and the opportunities we had to deliver on our projects. Two of the most note-worthy technical achievements this year were: 1. Powershell Moving to cloud solutions means that sooner rather than later a firm grip on Powershell is required. It is truly amazing how much can be done with the functionality offered out-the-box. This is Microsoft’s cross-platform task automation and configuration management framework. Because DMIX uses C# as its primary coding language base it is a given we should be experts using Powershell.  The ease of use and rich library functionality enabled…

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    2019 Wrap up and review

    With the close of 2019 fast approaching, having DMIX still providing support to their clients while they take some time out, here are some of the key highlights … Services and projects: New business partners and service providers have added huge value and allowed DMIX to scale and achieve greater things. Provided Sales and Budgeting analytics into Executive levels of a publicly listed company. Architected and developed a Data Migration strategy and tool including a Data Cleanse methodology which enabled migration of Sage, Navision and come proprietary Billing systems onto Salesforce and Microsoft AX 2012 R3 during a 8 month mammoth project. Bridged the gap between users and disparate source…

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    New business and tech partner – Devman3

    Exciting news especially since it allows us to add value in an area of business which affects so many. DevMan is a comprehensive, cost effective and practical cloud-based solution for organisations seeking to maximise their grant making, bursary and donor management potential. By using our technology, we can empower your organisation to be an active player in the global philanthropy industry with this all-in-one, leading edge solution. Please visit their site to find out more https://devman3.com/

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    Is there a future for SMS?

    The video is a few years old but still shows the opportunity out there. Countries like Rwanda and Nigeria have fully adopted mobile technologies. SMS is here to stay, so why not use easysms.dmix.co.za to send out your international messages?