2020 Wrap up and review

What a year 2020 has been.
At DMIX we remain grateful for the ongoing support of our clients and the opportunities we had to deliver on our projects.

Two of the most note-worthy technical achievements this year were:
1. Powershell
Moving to cloud solutions means that sooner rather than later a firm grip on Powershell is required. It is truly amazing how much can be done with the functionality offered out-the-box. This is Microsoft’s cross-platform task automation and configuration management framework. Because DMIX uses C# as its primary coding language base it is a given we should be experts using Powershell.  The ease of use and rich library functionality enabled us to do some amazing things, for example … taking a complex file with over 300 fields (dynamically growing periodically) and processing the data manipulation task running on 8.5 million records normally completing in 25 hours, to writing a Powershell script using five threads bringing down total processing time to 3.5 hours.  If you “haven’t gotten your hands dirty” yet check out the Microsoft PowerShell documentation.

2. Business Intelligence in the Cloud
Ok so what is so amazing about this, isn’t everybody already in the cloud? Well … DMIX has over 20 years in Data Warehousing and related BI project experience. In all cases there was some form of relational database that underpinned the analysis and reporting frameworks traditionally developed. Now for the 1st time DMIX has architected and developed a full Data Warehousing solution including analysis and reporting without the need of any relational database technology.
The following are components of this fully cloud architecture:
– Azure Data Factory Pipelines
– Azure Data Lake Gen2 Storage
– Azure SSIS Integration Runtime (file based only – no SSISDB Catalogue!)
– Azure SSAS Analysis Services Tabular Models
– Power BI and Excel

Looking ahead for 2021, our aim – like many others – is just to survive these uncertain times.  We feel confident we can achieve this.  Based on our diligence, determination, and reputation, even if we are fully remote now, working from the mountains or at the seashore we continue to provide value to our clients.

Keep masked and keep safe!

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